DESK FOR TWO - Only one made. Created by blacksmith Christoph Münks

The “couple” desk, spanning over 2m long, is designed and built to maintain a light, delicate appearance, achieved through the subtle construction detailing and material. The top is finished in a warm brown leather.


“MIDAS” RUG – Created in collaboration with Tai Ping Carpets

The MIDAS Rug directly references the PRADA Mens fall collection of 2014. With both drawing inspiration from Rainer Werner Fassbinders “Die bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant” (The Bitter tears of Petra von Kant); the link to Poussin’s “Midas and Bacchus” – featured as the backdrop throughout the film – comes through visually in colour and form. The MIDAS rug mirrors PRADA’s 2014 collection back to both Fassbinder and Poussin’s works.


STANDING MIRROR – Only one made. Created by blacksmith Christoph Münks

Rediscovering the art of the blacksmith was pivotal for this one-of-a-kind piece in it’s definition of form, detail and finish. Certain techniques determined solid and set forms, whilst the precision and skill of Christoph Münks allowed the realisation of something fine and “light” whilst remaining equally strong and solid.


XY WALL LIGHT – Limited number designed by and produced for Gisbert Pöppler


AXEL DESK – Inspired reinterpretation of Axel Einar Hjorth’s table design

HOMEPAGE_China Cabinet

CHINA CABINET – Wall and standing storage cabinet with ceramic appearance