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Chaise Ambassador by Gisbert Pöppler


Couched in the tradition of the finest craftsmanship, the Ambassador chaise is a study in luxe understatement with a twist.

The Ambassador embodies a subtly couture-like quality, where the finest materials and hand construction take luxury to its most considered, yet remarkably understated level.

One can both see and feel this attention to every detail – from zipperless down cushions to the sprung framing covered tip-to-toe in bold pinstripes.

Each aspect of Gisbert Pöppler’s complicated sculptural form has been painstakingly considered, working in close partnership with the craftsmen of the Parisian master upholstry house Alexandre Phelippeau, a family run business with special appointment to the royal palaces of France.


Product Information

Costume colors and finishes on request.

Material: Wooden frame. Core of coil springs on a no-sag spring base stuffed with foam rubber/polyether and syntetic battling. Back and side cushions of feather. Handcrafted in Paris by family run upholstery house Alexandre Phelippeau with handcrafted twisted steel legs by blacksmith Johannes Sitsen.

Handwoven Fabric from Le Manach with fiber content: 79% viscose 19% cotton 2% polyamid.

Dimensions | Height : 66 cm  | Lenght : 220 cm | Depth : 89 cm | Seat height : 42 cm

Images by Amos Fricke