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Celebrating the art of viewing, this apartment luxuriates in sweeping panoramic vistas that connect art filled rooms washed with bold complimentary colors.

Home to an avid collector of contemporary art, each room in this generously proportioned flat sparkles with its own unique hue. Grand doorways framed in glossy white molding link the spaces together, creating surprising views and constellations of color. All visible in one glance, the spicy tomato soup toned kitchen is offset by the warm dove gray sitting room and complimented with a cool aqua blue library. The colorful palette enhances the experience rather than detracting from the artwork on display, inspiring new readings of the pieces featured.

Each of the newly introduced custom elements compliments the residence’s original details. These specially designed features take their cue from a beveled angle motif running through the home’s original architectural details, from leaded glass windows to accents found in the original doors and woodwork.

Extra stuff:

A one-of-its-kind concrete fireplace gives warmth and solidity to a wide pass-through area, re-inventing a transitional space between the front entry and the kitchen into a cozy reading nook. The baguette jewel-cut design of the piece nods to the building’s original architectural details and is crowned with a freshly paneled ceiling that defies its recent arrival with a sense of timeless elegance.

Like the jewel at the center of a crown, the marbled en suite bath is a dualistic image of formality and whimsy, married in a wash of masculine details. Peering through a deeply beveled picture-frame doorway, clean lines and rounded forms are painted with a palette of black carved marble sinks and limed ash paneled cabinetry.

Images by Wolfgang Stahr